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Shop our wide selection of fresh and pure Maple Syrup. With a rich history, Gilbertson's Maple Products provide a high standard of quality you can taste.

Pure Maple Syrup

4LPlastic Jug$68.00
2LPlastic Jug$40.00
1LPlastic Jug$24.00
500mlPlastic Jug$14.00
250mlPlastic Jug$9.00
1L GalloneGlass$24.50
500ml GalloneGlass$14.50
250ml GalloneGlass$9.50
40ml GalloneSpecial Glass$4.00
500ml KentGlass$14.50
250ml KentGlass$9.50

Maple Signature Products

In 2008, we launched our very own Maple Signature line of gourmet food products. Each of these delicious recipes feature Pure Maple Syrup or Maple Sugar and are all developed, made and packaged here in our kitchen. These specialty items are available in our Gift Shop during the sryup season in March and April.

Pancake Flour
Sweet & Savoury Dressing
Maple Cranberry Barbeque Sauce
Maple Garlic Sauce
Maple Mustard
Maple Balsamic Vinegar
Sweet & Spicy BBQ Spice Blend
Fruit & Nut Granola
Cinnamon Sugar Blend
Maple Peppercorn Spice Medley
Maple Buttermilk Ranch Dressing and Dip Mix
Maple Candied Nuts
Cal's Candy

"Enjoy Gilbertson's finest Maple Syrup today!"

Pure Maple Sugar (Granulated)

100g Shaker$5.75
275g Shaker$13.00
1kg Container $37.00